Don’t Wait to Repair Your Damaged Roof

Schedule storm damage repair services in Windsor, CO right away

Was your roof dented by hail or punctured by a falling tree? Don’t worry, American Roofing and Restorations is a local roofing company that provides storm damage repair services in the Windsor, CO area. Contact us as soon as you notice roof damage.

We can inspect your roof, discover any damage and complete necessary repairs in a timely manner. Trust us to fix your roof if:

  • It’s dented or punctured
  • It’s poorly insulated
  • It’s sagging
  • It’s leaking

A damaged roof can lead to water damage, insect infestations and high energy bills. Call 970-460-8720 today to schedule your hail damage repair appointment.

5 benefits of repairing your damaged roof

5 benefits of repairing your damaged roof

When a storm damages your roof, it’s important to repair it right away. Repairing your roof after storm damage:

  1. Prevents water damage to your property
  2. Reduces your energy bills
  3. Keeps insects out of your home
  4. Improves your property’s curb appeal
  5. Increases your home’s value

Reach out to us today to discuss the extent of your roof’s damage.