Roofing Insurance Claims | Windsor & Fort Collins, CO

Roofing Insurance Claims | Windsor & Fort Collins, CO

A roof helps protect us, our home, and our belongings from the elements. When a disaster strikes, the damage can be devastating. And to make matters worse, filing a claim and dealing with your insurance company can be a long, stressful process. Trust that American Roofing & Restorations will guide you in a professional way through the roof insurance claim process. We will help you get your claim resolved!
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  • We will help and assist you with submitting a claim
  • Free estimates for all emergency & permanent repairs
  • All roofing services completed in a timely manner

If your roof has been damaged, it is recommended that you file Roofing Insurance Claims. Before you call your insurance company, take the time upfront to do your research on which contractor is the best match to represent you during the claims process & more importantly will repair the damage correctly if your claim is awarded.

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