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Tile Roofing

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Tile Roofing

Are you in the market for a new roof? The team at American Roofing and Restorations is here to help you decide what roof is best for your home. We provide a variety of roofing options, including asphalt, metal, and tile roofing. If you’re interested in a roofing solution that saves you money and stands up to the test of time, a tile roof may be the best option for you.


The two most popular options for tile roofing include concrete and clay. So what are the pros and cons of each, you might wonder? Based on the price of materials, concrete tiles cost up to 50% less than comparable clay tiles. When additional costs are considered, such as labor and installation, the total expense is typically only slightly less. Even though concrete tiles may save a few bucks, it’s worth noting clay tile roofs have survived 100 years, while concrete tiles generally need replacing within 50 years.


The air space created in the installation of tile roofs makes this an energy-efficient choice that can save you money year after year. Air circulation is increased while direct heat transfer into the home is decreased. Cue smaller AC bills in the warmer months and less hassle from ice dams come winter. 

American Roofing and Restorations is proud to be among the top tile roofing companies in Northern Colorado. Are you ready to get started? We are too! Submit an inquiry to get your free estimate!

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